Newsletter Tendencies and Behavior

Written by: Martin Moos

Published on: April, 22nd 2022


Newsletters are one of the best ways to distribute and promote your content or product. Working with email marketing requires thorough attention to a range of conditions, listed as follows:

The majority of emails are opened on mobile devices

Bear in mind that smartphones are a primary device for reading emails. According to Movable Ink, 68 percent of all emails from 2015 were opened on mobile devices. Of this number, tablet opens comprised about 16 percent. This leaves only one-third of all emails currently being opened on PCs.

Make your newsletter design responsive

Consider using responsive design to your email content, and keep your newsletters short and concise, so they fit to small screens. A report from Yesmail, shows that 26 percent of brands fail to use responsive design in any of their email marketing. Responsive newsletter campaigns generate an average of 16,2 percent. Non-responsive campaigns generate 10,4 percent. Services such as MailChimp, have guidelines to ensure a responsive design for your newsletter.

Put yourself in the reader’s place

Ask yourself what the client wants. This is important for high conversion rates and successful email campaigns. Your content should stay focused on providing value for the customer first and then highlight the benefits of your business second.

One clear call to action is that you need to let your clients know what they should do next. Link to quality content online if you have a lot to say or sell, and use the body of the email to convey the most important messages.

When to send your newsletter

Be aware of what time you choose to send out emails. Research carried out by Workfront shows that the tendency is for marketers to log into their work-email before and after business hours every day. In addition to this, a study by GetResponse shows that 23.63% of all emails open occur within the first hours after delivery. The same study shows that the top engagement times for emails are as follows: 8 AM to 9 AM for opens. 3 PM and 4 PM for click-through.


Keeping this in mind you can actually convert more of the contacts on your email list to potential clients of your company.


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