BoConcept needed a marketing upgrade

Many companies end up stuck in their old production ways – risking time, money and market position. That’s exactly where BoConcept, the worldwide Danish furniture brand, found themselves. With production demands growing, BoConcept needed to modernise workflows and proofing steps to avoid unnecessary global stoppages.

Say hello to automation - The Color Flow

We proactively collaborated with BoConcept to enhance its workflow, seamlessly connecting both parties by introducing our automated brand management system: The Color Flow. Through automation, our workflow system ended unnecessary manual tasks and created folders for all BoConcept’s projects, from size adaptations to banners, freeing employees to focus on more essential production areas.

With offices worldwide, BoConcept also needed to check multiple projects fast. This is where The Color Flow’s embedded proofing tool comes into play. Our proofing tool provides an instant feedback channel with the ability to check hundreds of files on one page, reducing the margin for error and shortening BoConcept’s time to market.

Since partnering with us, BoConcept has transformed their internal communication and workflows, and delivered over 80 projects in over 25 languages. With The Color Club, Boncept’s marketing production process is now as elegant and functional as their designs.

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