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Marketing budget management

How to save costs in global marketing production?
One of the best ways to optimize your global marketing spend is to outsource your marketing production. The other one is to centralize it — to work with one marketing partner like The Color Club who can produce all your marketing assets for you. From production to distribution and coordination, we work with you to determine the right solutions for your organization’s global marketing strategy.
Outsourcing vs Insourcing — what’s best for my marketing department?
Insourcing is a great way to have direct control over your marketing since you have your employees on the job and no third-party involvement. However, for large-scale marketing operations, insourcing can be expensive.With a marketing performance partner like The Color Club, you can decide how you outsource your marketing production & implementation with our flexible and adaptable services. This way, you can save costs while still having control over the processes thanks to our global communication platforms.
Will COVID-19 impact my marketing production flow?
With full compliance to COVID-19 safety guidelines, our production configurations ensure your marketing production & implementation won’t be disrupted. Leveraging digital tools enables us to be extremely efficient at working remotely. Our consultants are more than willing to discuss with you the ways we can help you keep your global marketing going.
What is the most effective way to optimize my marketing budget?
Our experts say: know what you’re spending on, and how effective your spending is. At The Color Club, we work with you to select the right marketing services for your global marketing needs so that you can save costs and shorten time-to-market. Efficient processes maximize ROI. You won’t be wasting your budget on anything that won’t work.

Data-driven decision making

Can your marketing dashboard visualize data?
Yes, it can. In fact, our business intelligence specialists focus on personalizing your marketing dashboard and making key marketing data accessible. If you want to make data-driven decisions by incorporating business intelligence into your decision-making process, let us know!
How can a Brand Management System (BMS) or marketing dashboard make my work easier?
In more ways than one. Marketing tools like our BMS or business intelligence dashboard are online-based and customizable. You’ll make better decisions quicker — thanks to an instant overview of data from multiple sources, seamless communication for international teams, transparent and efficient workflows, and more.
Security, GDPR, and compliance in global marketing production. Is my data secure?
Yes. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your privacy, personal information, and intellectual property in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) both as a data owner and data processor. We use SSL encryption to ensure your data is secure in all communications. We also prepare your brand for GDPR compliance in your marketing production.
How can I create a data-driven culture in my organization?
Data-driven companies enjoy increased customer satisfaction, efficiency and revenue. There’s no denying the importance of adopting a data-driven mindset to supercharge your business processes, but transformation can burden you with more questions than you can answer. A data-driven partner like The Color Club will offer the right tools, knowledge and experience to kickstart a data-driven culture at work in no time.

Brand consistency

What are the dangers of local marketing and sales offices on brand implementations?
Once the scale of your marketing implementation goes from a couple to tens or hundreds of countries, you’ll find that decentralized marketing production will hamper brand consistency.1) The key message of a global marketing campaign can easily be lost in translation;2) It’s hard to keep track of too many workflows and processes;3) The quality of final marketing assets often do not match with HQ expectations;4) Misalignment between international marketing and sales teams.
How to improve brand consistency in global marketing implementation?
The easiest solution is to work with a marketing performance partner like The Color Club. Our brand strategists and marketing consultants are always looking for ways to help you improve brand consistency when you implement global marketing plans.
How to ensure brand consistency when I outsource my marketing production?
Having a strong collaboration with a global marketing performance partner does wonders to brand consistency. When you outsource your marketing production, you’re trusting that your partner will fulfill your needs with excellence and the utmost care for your brand.The Color Club has a track record of ensuring brand consistency in marketing production for global brands. We also offer global communication and business intelligence platforms so that you can manage your outsourced marketing production right from your office.
What media channels and media assets are supported in the marketing production hub?
All file types that are considered media assets: Photos, videos, audio files, presentations, graphics, PDFs, documents, 3D files, visual effect files, and more.All media channels you plan to include in your marketing strategy: SEO, email, print, TV, banner, social media, newsletters, and so on.Our marketing services support multichannel and omnichannel marketing strategies.

Marketing automation & ROI

How does marketing automation improve ROI?
More and more brands are taking advantage of marketing automation to maximize ROI efficiency. The right marketing automation strategy will broaden your brand’s reach and deepens your understanding of your customers. On top of that, you can easily prove the ROI of marketing campaigns thanks to accurately measured data.Want to know if your marketing automation strategy is on the right track? Reach out to our digital marketing consultants today.
What are the best ways to measure global marketing ROI?
A few ways to prove returns of investments or the effectiveness of your global marketing strategy include clearly defining your goals, keeping track of leads, and integrating technology into your work. Fortunately, digital tools are constantly evolving to solve the challenges of global marketing. Technological know-how is a must in today’s marketing world to streamline and simplify all processes.Contact The Color Club now to discover how you can best measure your global marketing ROI and get the most value out of your marketing technology.
Why is marketing automation important to global B2B companies?
In our increasingly digital world, marketing automation is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach decision makers in B2B across borders. New technology lets you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market trends and what your potential partners are looking for.We leverage digital platforms to help you reach out to more people and craft materials that keep them engaged to your products and services.
What does a marketing automation consultant do?
Our marketing automation experts help you streamline processes and boost profitability. One of the first things we do is to perform an audit on your existing marketing operations. After looking at the results, we’ll refine your objectives and goals to align with your vision of marketing and business success. Then, it’s all about working closely with you to customize a solution that turns marketing automation into an integral part of your company’s global marketing strategy.
Client testimonials

Client testimonials

Client case

Nilfisk’s trusted marketing performance partner for global campaigns

As a world-leading company, Nilfisk had a major need to optimize financial effectiveness and globalize all business units. They were looking for a strong strategy to centralize their global marketing production. We offered a solution that yielded higher production quality, faster worldwide communication, and better brand consistency.Once the production footprint is streamlined with data-driven project management and automation, we saw a significant improvement in Nilfisk’s cross-border marketing implementation. Despite global disruptions, Nilfisk’s marketing production volume in 2020 went up by 30% and they’re campaigning in more countries every year.


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