Maersk's problem: Inconsistent branding

Maersk, one of the largest shipping container companies in the world, had serious issues with inconsistent brand image. This was especially noticeable across the company’s website and social media, where photographic image styles were incoherent and did not reflect the company’s values.

Our solution: A definitive style guide

Together, we collaborated with Maersk’s lead agency to invent and test multiple, creative photographic styles, before deciding on one unique style that was impactful, recognisably Maersk, and importantly, reignited a connection with customers.

To help Maersk implement the style across differing images and channels worldwide, we created a clear and defined style-guide. Maersk then used this style-guide to send professional photographers around the world to capture future campaign images.

With our creative partnership, Maersk now has an original, cinematic and editorial style that adds texture, visible depth and creates consistency in their global visual identity.

Key Results


color graded for
global campaigns


Style guide
a Maersk style-guide for always
recognisable, global images


Photographic style
a powerful, cinematic
photography style to support
building brand trust

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New photographic style

Color grading

Global photography guide