Nilfisk’s problem: Costly inefficiency

When your brand expands globally, small, barely noticeable inefficiencies can quickly add up, slowing you down. With over 40 offices in 100 countries, this is exactly the situation premium professional cleaning company Nilfisk found themselves in. From incomplete briefs to missing files, Nilfisk’s many small efficiency gaps resulted in days lost on unnecessary administration at great cost.

Our Solution: Automated brand management

Together, we decided to solve these issues by implementing our innovative, high-performance Brand Management System. We created easy and simple automated workflows so Nilfisk’s employees could say goodbye to the laborious process of manually filling out information and creating folders.

With our Business Intelligence Dashboard and 24/7 business model, we’re also able to analyse the impact of these changes – no matter the time of day. Nilfisk was back running at its best, and the workflow transition to automation means Nilfisk is now able to deal with the demands of the fast-paced, global market.

Key Results


in market production
volume during Covid


Hours saved
and over
€12,000 a year


Saved per month
on unnecessary


compared to
ad-hoc hirings


Extra hours gained
of dedicated service


Strategy adopted
introducing a dedicated team
of 10 employees to work on
their global campaigns
*FTE: Full Time Equivalent

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