Advanced technology, AI learning, and over a billion active users are why your company needs to take advantage of Facebook Ads. These features provide an unmatched marketing opportunity for any sized company to drive customer growth and increase return on investment.

One company that saw this opportunity was the global worldwide skincare brand Aveeno. They used Facebook Ads to target a broader audience in Hong Kong and guide people from awareness to conversion. Aveeno only ran the Ads for a limited period but saw an increase in ad recall and return on ad spend, showing how effective Ads can be when paired with a specific marketing strategy.

This is important to note, as the success of Facebook Ads often depends on the strategy used by the company: simply creating a Facebook Ad is not enough to drive returns. Instead, companies need to understand their market position, have a specific and realistic goal, and be unafraid to use creative strategies to see an impact.

That’s why in this article, we’ll look at some of the best strategies your company could use for Facebook Ads.

The benefits of your company advertising on Facebook

The main reason why any company should use Facebook Ads is that it has the most active user base. With the number of users in the billions and the company also owning Whatsapp and Instagram, this is a great and relatively cost-friendly way to improve your bottom line.

Here are some key advantages of Facebook Ads:

  • Advanced Ad targeting
  • Invaluable insight analytics
  • Options for a range of budgets
  • Great for customer acquisition and retention
  • Easily connect with e-commerce markets
Facebook Ads

6 Facebook Ad strategies to help your company build growth and revenue

With Facebook’s estimated 1.93 billion daily users, reasonably priced ads, and the ability to target your “perfect” clients, Facebook is a great way to promote your company. But advertising must be combined with the right strategy for companies to feel the impact of Facebook Ads.

Next, we’ll discuss several strategies, and be sure to keep in mind your audience and the campaign objective to understand which one might work best for your company.

Brand Awareness Campaigns 

Brand Awareness campaigns aim to build a customer connection to the brand, product, or service. Once customers are familiar with the brand, they will also understand the products and services they can purchase from them, their standards, and the advantages of doing business with them.

Campaigns should be looking to attract more of the desired customers and build up the brand page with ‘likes’. People who are really interested in purchasing connected goods or services are considered to be “targeted.”

For this marketing strategy, a corporate or product image is typically used with content highlighting the core principles and distinguishing characteristics of the company or brand. When potential customers see these images, the goal of the post is to create a positive impression and, in doing so, build awareness.


Engagement strategies 

Engagement is a strategy for companies where there is an established customer base. The aim of this method is to build rapport with the page’s followers, getting likes, comments, shares, and inquiries about how to purchase the good or service.

When Samsung looked at ways to generate interest in its two new smartphones to connect with Thailand’s Gen Z audience and increase user interactivity, it turned to Facebook Ads. By including questions, polls, hashtags, and ‘swipe up’ instructions leading to pre-order pages, Samsung connected with a younger audience and created market interest for the product launch.

Samsung Thailand

Funnel Strategy 

This strategy introduces a proper account structure. Facebook Ads will be organized, allowing you to prevent user flow stoppages and help target the appropriate customers at the right time and on budget.

Funnel strategy
  • Follow this structure for your account:
  • The top funnel is your cold traffic.
  • The middle funnel is for people who have shown interest in your brand.
  • Your bottom-funnel is your hot channel – for people ready to convert.
  • Organizing your account this way allows you to know that you are showing your ads to the right people.

The Power 5 strategy

By using The Power 5, this strategy aims to scale your business.

Advanced Automated Matching:

This Ad allows Facebook to connect with your target customers using information from your website.

Campaign Budget Optimization: 

This feature manages your budget automatically across your ads to return the best results.

Dynamic Creative Ads: 

These ads automatically change based on your company’s information – combining images, videos, copy, headlines and CTAs to dynamically create ads based on the user.

Simplified Account: 

This allows Facebook’s machine learning to automatically test ads in real-time to bring the best results.

Automatic Placement: 

This allows Facebook to automatically deliver ads across all platforms to the right person at the lowest possible cost.

Advantage Budget Campaign & Broad Audience 

This strategy is Facebook Ads without limits. But to avoid the ad losing impact and not targeting anyone, you must pair the broad audience ad set with your current best-performing ad set.

This means your best-performing ad set will act as a guide for the broad audience set to find customers that are similar to your best performers. 

This is an effective way of scaling as customers with similarities to your best performers are also likely to behave like them.

Budget Campaign & Broad Audience

Use lookalikes to discover new kinds of customers 

This is a strategy to apply when looking for new customers; therefore, this strategy is more to test customer categories that you may not have come across before. 

You can do this by exploring numerous lookalike categories in Facebook Ads, from mailing lists to facebook pixel purchases, try as many as possible as it’s a great way to what customers see what might be discovered. 

Please be aware that this is a strategy to be used when your company is already established. 

Create a Lookalike Audience

Our Final Thoughts on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an easy marketing channel for companies to connect with customers and grow their business. The potential reach is unmatched, and the technology of Facebook Ads helps discover greater insights into customer behavior. By understanding what customers react to, companies can make better marketing decisions that help build trust and interest in their brand long into the future.