Why Global Marketing Production will save you costs and help grow your company


Many companies are bouncing back from unforeseen world events to gain larger market shares and increase profits, all whilst saving costs. But how are companies achieving this?

Through centralized global marketing production: the cost-efficient solution for economy-minded companies. 

Take, for example, the worldwide professional cleaning company Nilfisk. When production inefficiencies started to add up, Nilfisk needed to act fast to avoid workflow stoppages. By introducing an innovative Brand Management System that eased global productions, Nilfisk saved over 300 hours and $12,000 a year, increasing production volume by 30% during covid.  

At times of uncertainty, companies need efficient Global Marketing Production. This allows for continued profitability, stability and growth. Companies often save over 50% in costs compared to internal marketing production when adopting Full-time Equivalent strategies -in Denmark, companies can save over 500,000 a year. 

That’s why next, we’ll discuss Global Marketing Production and its cost benefits, highlighting companies that have improved efficiency and saved money with efficient Global Marketing Production.

What is Global Marketing Production?

Global Marketing Production is the creation of marketing assets for your company’s products or services. From graphic production to online marketing, Global Marketing Production helps promote your products worldwide.

If done effectively, a centralized Global Marketing Production will reduce your costs, lower operating fees and free employees to focus on more essential production areas. 

Here is a quick overview of how Global Marketing Production can help:

  • Grow a global reputation;
  • Increase your revenue streams;
  • Improve your brand awareness;
  • Gain greater marketing insights.

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Global Marketing Production

Key benefits of Global Marketing Production for your company

Even in difficult times, companies with efficient Global Marketing Production can open the doors to many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of those positive effects:  

Brand Consistency 

Brand consistency is messaging consistency across all communication channels, with branding that reflects the company’s core values. This helps companies create a recognizable brand identity.  

But how do companies develop brand consistency? 

Well, take Maersk, for example, one of the largest logistics companies in the world. Maersk realized its photographic images needed to be more coherent and capture the company’s values to avoid confusing global messaging. 

By working with The Color Club, Maersk developed a unified, powerful, and recognizable photographic style. This was easy to replicate across all media due to our well-defined style guide, which captured Maersk’s core values leading to more consistent, stronger, and memorable global branding. 

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How do branding inconsistencies damage your company?

For many companies, a decentralized marketing approach to global branding presents one common risk: inconsistent messaging. Each marketing agency will interpret your brand’s key message differently, which becomes increasingly difficult to control and amend as expansion continues. This creates global inconsistencies and lowers the return on investment, leaving your company facing greater problems establishing positions in new markets.

Take, for example, the global healthcare innovator Ambu, who faced this exact problem. By using multiple agencies to produce Instructions For Use (IFU), Ambu ran into workflow stoppages, difficulties tracking projects, and, most seriously, for a medical company, compliance issues. 

But when Ambu centralized the production of IFUs, these problems began to disappear. Ambu could communicate more effectively across multiple international offices, easily follow production flows and expedite the delivery of IFUs to healthcare professionals worldwide, strengthening Ambu’s reputation as the world’s most consistently reliable medical company. 

Further reasons to focus on brand consistency: 

  • Create customer loyalty; build a repeat customer base that enjoys using your services.
  • Increase customer trust; create a reliable, dependable, and recognizable brand. 
  • Differentiate in a competitive market; stand out from the field and create an emotional connection with customers.
  • Establish a market voice; help resolve customer needs, becoming a leader in the market.

Key Branding Facts 

Time to Market 

Time to market is the length of time from product inception to when a product’s ready for sale.

How does a quick time to market help your company?

Time to Market Case Study 

The worldwide furniture brand, BoConcept improved time to market by partnering with us. BoConcept was expanding quickly and needed to continue to produce at a high level and avoid putting pressure on its marketing production.

We actively collaborated with BoConcept and introduced our automated brand management system: The Color Flow. This cut unnecessary manual tasks and allowed us to integrate our proofing tool into BoConcepts workflow -an instant feedback channel for checking hundreds of documents and quickening final approval. 

These additions improved BoConcept’s time to market, allowing us to create and adapt over 17,0000 items and produce projects in 25 languages. 

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Time To Market Graph

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Time to market graph

Cost-efficient Outsourcing 

For many companies, introducing product marketing campaigns takes considerable resources, coordination, and efficiency. Failure to achieve even one campaign could cause damage to your global brand.  

That’s why many companies, large and small, decide to centralize and outsource their Global Marketing Production. Today, 71% of companies are doing this more, as it not only eases production pressures but is more cost-effective than producing in-house

For example, if a company decides to outsource with The Color Club instead of hiring internally, we can help reduce marketing production costs by over 50% and improve production performance by 35%. These cost-savings sky-rocket to over 80% when compared to companies that use local Northern European agencies. 

How does outsourcing help your company?

  • Increase workflow efficiency; by having another company handle part or all of your marketing production, you can concentrate on what counts -running your business. 
  • Improve customer reach; leverage your outsourcing partner’s knowledge to enter new markets while re-establishing connections with existing customers.
  • Greater competitive advantage; have the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions while saving costs.

Case Study: Full-Time Equivalent 

When Nilfisk partnered with The Color Club, we decided together to introduce our Full-Time Equivalent strategy. By creating a dedicated team of outsourced employees exclusively for Nilfisk’s productions, we could deliver maximum global efficiency with cost savings. 

With this approach and our 24/7 marketing production, we saved Nilfisk over €500k in internal labour costs and increased production volume by 30% -bringing new meaning to cost-efficient global marketing production for Nilfisk

Key FTE results: 

  • 1500+ dedicated hours per month;
  • €40K+ monthly savings;
  • €500k+ annual savings;
  • +20% reduction in annual costs.
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With results like these, it’s no wonder the outsourcing market will hit $700 billion in 2023. By using this marketing strategy, companies can drive sales, improve production efficiency and save money. And as we move away from pandemic instability, outsourcing is an excellent way for a company to regain strength and look towards a profitable future. 

Key Outsourcing Facts 

How The Color Club will help you

We’re accomplished strategists and creatives who know the ins and outs of marketing. As your global marketing partner, we’ll deliver results 24/7 and strengthen your Global Marketing Production, improving your market position and saving you money. 

Speak to us today to discuss how we’ll improve your Global Marketing Production. We’ll provide a free audit with our expert marketing team and a personalized solution to any problems we find. 

Let’s take the next step to help scale your company, save costs and improve marketing efficiency. 

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