How your CEO can make an impact in your marketing strategy


CEOs across any business face intense pressure. That’s the by-product of bringing a company vision to life, along with having little time or energy to spare.

Knowing how much CEOs have on their plate, asking yours to dedicate more time to the marketing team might seem counterintuitive.

But that’s where you’re wrong.

With their unique and experienced viewpoint, your CEO can elevate your campaigns and provide critical support to your marketing department. Whether it’s creating a unified message, empowering marketing managers, or making crucial decisions, your CEO can radically transform campaigns for greater impact and bigger sales.

In our latest article, we’re looking at five ways your CEO could impact your marketing team, bringing you one step closer to achieving your company’s mission.

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Resolve your marketing issues quickly

Found a bottleneck in your marketing?

This is where your CEO can step in and quickly resolve the problem.

By leaning on their experience, you can resolve any issue quickly. Even if it’s a tough call, CEOs are used to difficult situations, bringing a sense of calm and understanding to the marketing environment.

To overcome problems speedily, ask your team to speak up about any issues they face. Your colleagues might initially feel hesitant, but this is the best way for the CEO to tackle concerns quickly. By creating open communication between your team and the CEO, you’ll help build better and more trusting relationships.

Everyone working towards one common goal

As the head of your company, the CEO is ultimately the one who sets the strategic direction.

By bringing your CEO into the team, you’ll ensure your campaigns align with the brand’s overall goals and vision. With the CEO by your side, you’ll gain more significant insights and guidance to make your projects more consistent with your company’s brand, target audience and market positioning.

Your CEO’s voice will empower your brand

The CEO is often the face of your brand, with a voice powerful enough to raise confidence from investors and encourage team members. That’s a powerful tool.

Take, for example, the worldwide full-service digital agency, VaynerMedia and its CEO Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s styled himself as a content king, amassing over 10 million followers on Instagram and 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube, producing videos on everything from business trends to his daily routine. Gary’s certainly the anthesis of a traditional CEO, but his public persona has certainly drawn attention to his creative agency, which reflects his radical attitude with the tagline, ‘we crash culture.’

By involving your CEO in marketing, you’ll add credibility and authenticity to your campaign messages, helping build trust not only with customers, but among colleagues and stakeholders.

With investor confidence, you can inquire for additional funding, especially when looking to take on bigger campaigns.

And by creating a supportive environment, people will feel more motivated, inspired and eager to do a good job, often leading to greater productivity and better results.

That’s why your CEO’s voice is important.

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Reach your potential

With the CEO by your side, you’ll have to answer questions about spending, analytics, strategies and more.

That shouldn’t scare you.

Instead, working alongside the CEO and being challenged on your decision making should push you to reach your potential.

An intellectual challenge like this will accelerate your growth, putting you and the whole company in a better position.

And remember to celebrate your colleagues too.

Place trust in the people you’ve hired, celebrate their successes, and achieve great things together.

Gain clarity and achieve big results

With your CEO involved in the marketing team, you’ll be seeing them daily, listening to their ideas and gaining clarity on the department’s goals.

Obviously, you should be clear on your team’s direction. But by hearing directly from the CEO and why certain goals matter, you’ll deepen your understanding of the company’s mission and values, strengthening your department’s alignment.

For example, when John Legere joined T-Mobile as CEO in 2011, he knew marketing was essential to its revival. He adopted the magenta-and-black uniform becoming a walking billboard, labeled himself the ‘un-ceo,’ and made high-quality changes that built customer trust in a extremely competitive market. By putting T-Mobile’s marketing front and center, John turned the telecommunications company into the third biggest U.S wireless carrier.

Our final thoughts

The CEO can radically change your marketing campaigns. With them in your team, there’s potential to drive sales, create better company understanding, and ultimately, improve the customer experience. Having their expertise and knowledge is like oiling the chain on your bike: everything will instantly start to run better and more smoothly.

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