Improve your marketing strategy and ROI by building better apps with Google Firebase


With over 5 billion people on the internet, spending roughly 413 minutes online every day, our society has seriously turned digital. And at the heart of this digitization of our daily lives are apps. Today, our phones are full of apps that allow brands to promote products to us in inventive ways, giving those companies the most direct marketing channel, backed by a world of invaluable analytics.

Take for instance, the world’s leading coffee company, Starbucks, whose app allows customers to order ahead at any location, building up loyalty rewards. Not only does this app add value to customers’ lives, it also generates engagement and growth – $26 million in its first year is pretty good – plus the valuable data recovered from users helps drive future marketing strategies.

In today’s world, apps need to perform at an ultra-high level, and that’s why Google invested in Firebase. This software streamlines the app building process, and next, we’re going to find out how Firebase functions, its benefits and how it could help your company.

What is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase is a software development platform for companies to build high-quality mobile and web apps. It eliminates the need for companies to develop backend software, saving costs and time, allowing them to focus on frontend development and the user experience. With Google Firebase’s unique features, companies have more time to focus on growth, performance, and earning money.

Easy to use tools for your app building

Google Firebase makes it easy to jump right into building. With backend functions covered, companies have an internal infrastructure consisting of tight security, a lightning-fast network and incredible servers. This allows for companies to scale its user base without worrying about rising costs, or software capacity – remember this is Google – all data is stored in Google’s Cloud where information can be synced across multiple devices and users, no matter whether they’re online or off.

Key Features:

  • Realtime Database

Build serverless apps by storing and syncing all data in real-time.

  • Authentication

Seamless sign-in for users and friendly identity coding solutions.

  • Google Cloud Functions

No server? No problem. Use Google’s server-side functions.

  • Firebase ML

Machine learning in just a few simple steps.

  • Hosting 

Websites appear in an instant – no more delays.

Analytics and testing for superior app function

With Google Firebase, there’s a world of easy-to-use coding features. As soon as your app goes live, you can instantly monitor performance, find out where users run into problems, and seamlessly integrate new functions. These features work together to help you build better apps for a greater user experience, and increase your chances of growth.


This function can be implemented across any device and provides real-time crash reporting. You’ll always be notified when errors occur, and when there is an error, developers can dig deep into the cause of the problem, easily finding its root due with an in-depth timelines of events. This quickens the repair time and allows developers to focus on building new and exciting features.

Additional Key Features:

  • Use with project management tools like Slack & Jira
  • Prioritise crashes based on impact on users
  • Receive alerts on potential errors

Performance Monitoring

With a customisable dashboard full of valuable data, you’ll have all the information needed to optimise your app’s performance. Focus on key metrics that drive growth and user engagement, and find out which country your users are based, what devices they use, and their networks.

Additional Key Features:

  • In-depth performance tracking
  • Customise URL for greater user information
  • Easily spot errors and bugs

Test Lab

Test Lab is a virtual home for you to run tests before going live, and with Google’s Cloud server, you can run those tests across numerous devices to ensure it functions flawlessly.

Additional Key Features:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Testing tool ‘Robo‘ helps identify errors
  • Detailed reports and analysis


Innovative engagement features for market growth

When your app is ready to be downloaded on Google Play or App Store, Google Firebase allows you to concentrate on that crucial next step – growth. This is essential for sustainability and future profits, and with Firebase there are numerous features that target your app’s continued development. It’s why many companies have come to love the software.

Remote Configuration

Google’s Cloud allows for dynamic and responsive changes. This avoids a long-winded process of going through a new build and publishing process. Instead, remote config processes the latest code within a few minutes and when users log into the app, they’ll immediately see the updated version.

Additional Key Features:

  • Audience segmentation feature via A/B Testing
  • Roll out features with an interactive timetable
  • Personalised functions for different world users
  • Easily test out ideas and see the impact.

Dynamic Links

Send users to any location on your app with smart URLS across any device. From emails, tweets and marketing ads, with Google’s Dynamic Links you’ll be able to create seamless transitions, and even have differing landing pages depending on the link used.

Additional Key Features:

  • Increase chance of user conversion with personalised content.
  • Link with Google Analytics to find out more about users.

In-App Messaging

With In-App Messaging, you can run campaigns that target specific audiences, and have tailored messages appear in response to different user behaviour. Whatever your goals, its  customisation features are there to help you generate engagement and growth.

Additional Key Features:

  • Customised the design of messages for different users
  • Promotes easy collaboration with Marketing teams
  • Link with Google Analytics to track clicks & conversions.


These are some of our favourite features of Google Firebase, but if you’re looking to go deeper down the rabbit hole, have a look at The Developer Document. Here, you’ll find information about the great features we’ve discussed and more, from how-to guides to detailed code tutorials, it’ll help you begin your app journey.

Final Thoughts

Google Firebase simply provides everything a company needs to start app building, with internal security, analytics and testing features that are second to none and regular updates that constantly improve  functionality. Using Firebase, companies can concentrate on building innovative and unique apps without spending endless amounts of time and money on backend development, allowing for creativity and growth to flourish.

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