The Color Flow – How to increase your marketing production efficiency with a dynamic brand management system


All companies, whether large or small, come across costly marketing production inefficiencies. In a survey conducted by Gleanster Research, wasted effort and imprecision in content creation processes led to a massive $958 million in annual spend for mid to large size companies. These eye-watering numbers prove inefficiency is bad news for any business.

The good news is today there’s no reason to tolerate inefficiency creating a large dent in your company’s bottom line. All you need to do is implement an effective, advanced, and innovative brand management system. All marketing agencies and all companies need one, and in this article we’re going to discuss ours, aptly named, The Color Flow.

What is The Color Flow? 

To understand The Color Flow, first you need to understand brand management systems (BMS). A BMS is a powerful tool, or set of processes that are followed to create consistency in branding across multiple channels and touchpoints. This is normally done in one centralized location to increase productivity, collaboration, and reduce unnecessary work-steps, and this is exactly how our advanced BMS, The Color Flow works.


3 ways The Color Flow helps you  

With our BMS, companies have the ability to manage hundreds of marketing campaigns on a global scale, all in one place. This is essential for all businesses, from companies looking to grow and enter new markets to ones that are established and looking for more sustainable marketing. By introducing The Color Flow, companies are one step closer to achieving their marketing objectives. Here’s how it helps:

Advanced Marketing Performance Measurement 

With The Color Flow, a company’s marketing performance is continually tracked, analyzed and evaluated. This helps create transparency in the work process, and by integrating Microsoft BI and Google Data Studio, marketing performance results are accessible at any time in automated reports, and personalized visual dashboards.

The result being a company has access to valuable data that’s logically and coherently presented. Market patterns become clear, and companies are able to predict future trends, and make more timely, accurate, and data-backed decisions.

Performance Statistics from The Color Flow:

  • 35% Performance improvement from digitalization of operations
  • 15% Marketing operations’ performance improvement from continuous intelligence

Centralized Global Marketing Production

One of the key features of The Color Flow is that it centralizes all marketing projects into one place. In doing so, all marketing assets can be accessed at any time, from digital banners to motion graphics, with real-time updates on delivery and production, making it easier to monitor progress.

Another impact of centralizing is that it increases collaboration. All teams work together on one shared platform, which breaks down rigid communication barriers and creates stronger marketing alignment.

Recently, centralization has been a growing trend within the marketing world, and in Gartner’s 2020 Marketing Organization Survey it was discovered that 66% of Marketers now have full, or a primary centralized marketing organization.

Increased workflow efficiency 

All successful projects begin with a successful brief. That’s why when creating one on The Color Flow, there are easy to follow steps, customizable tickboxes, and all required materials can be attached inside the individual project case. This reduces time spent on clarifying misunderstandings and finding documents.

Once a project has been launched, there is an inmail function that allows all those working on the project to communicate directly with each other. This means the end of frustratingly long email trails, and the chance of missing out on key information. Additionally, all communication history with inmail can be easily accessed and viewed, avoiding workflow disruption when there are changes on project teams.

As projects grow from initial brief to final submission, there is also a growth of information. With The Color Flow, this data can be stored in its system, and by doing so, erases the need to repeatedly download files.

If these small inefficiencies above are ignored, it could cause problems for a company’s workflow productivity in the future. This becomes especially problematic when trying to grow and become sustainable in the global market, as company’s end up losing precious time and money.

A key feature: The Color Flow proofing tool 

The Color Flow’s proofing tool is there to make life easier for both internal and external teams. It streamlines the work process with its friendly user-interface, making it easy to collaborate, make changes and view progression of individual projects. Let’s take a look at how:


  • Projects can be viewed side by side in PDF format without the need to download.
  • Titles, text and pictures can be highlighted with innovative tool selections.
  • Drawing tools help highlight whole areas that need changing.
  • Users can add comments, upload additional files, and make corrections.
  • All updates are made in real-time


Overall, the proofing tool is a great additional feature of The Color Flow that helps improve the quality of projects, and shortens their time to market with its cooperative, inventive and dynamic user interface.

The four versions of The Color Flow  

Whether a start-up or a global company, we have a version of The Color Flow that will suit any marketing needs, and budget. Our four different versions provide flexibility, and each have unique ways to create a positive impact. Here’s our four versions:

Free Standard

  • Immediately manage marketing production workflows
  • Connect to our production services.


  • Access to Marketing intelligence dashboards
  • Customized Options
  • Automatic monthly reports
  • 4 consulting hours/month


  • Third party supplier possibilities
  • More customized options
  • Increased number of users and storage
  • 8 hours of consulting/month


  • Maximum users & storage
  • Third Party suppliers
  • All customization and addons available
  • 12 hours of consulting/month

How The Color Flow is implemented


Is The Color Flow right for you? 

The right BMS is proven to dramatically improve a company’s brand performance, and The Color Flow is an advanced BMS that helps many companies today.

These companies differ in size, budgets, and future goals, but the flexibility The Color Flow provides helps all of them grow and strengthen. By Implementing our system, productivity increases, workflows become more efficient, and impactful data-driven decisions are made.

The Color Flow could help your marketing production flow, free from errors, into a brighter, more colorful future.


What is a Brand Management System?

A BMS is an advanced system, or process to create consistency in branding across multiple channels in one centralized location to increase productivity.

What are the benefits of a Brand Management System?

The benefits of a brand management system can be far reaching, but primarily include; increasing productivity; greater collaboration; and a slimming down of workflows for improved efficiency.

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