The Color Club’s Year in Review

Time to say goodbye to 2022

Welcome to The Color Club’s year in review. 

We’re looking back at 2022 and how our Denmark, Sweden and Vietnam offices collaborated with you to create this milestone year. 

As always, we want to thank our clients for their continued support, and we look forward to working with each of you next year.


We’ve seen growth, development and new challenges.

Over the past year, from Scandinavia to Saigon, our experienced consultants and 24/7 production model have helped clients transform their digital marketing productivity. 

Our global teams, particularly our Customer Relationship Managers and Project Managers, have delivered over 1000 digital marketing projectsand we’re still counting. 

We also turned 29, adding another year of experience to our belt.

Across Europe and beyond, we’ve delivered high-quality marketing solutions. From digital imaging to brand development, we’ve helped our clients, large and small, to achieve market success through our centralized digital production strategies. 

But 2022 wasn’t without its challenges. 

Unforeseen events disrupted the world once more. And facing these difficulties, we’ve tried to adapt and ensure our clients consistently receive high-quality marketing production that’s always on time and on budget.

Our active client list has grown to 15 brands.

We’ve collaborated with new clients like Bikable, Vestergaard Construction and Famobra, as well as continuing our partnerships with Davidsen, Aller, Nilfisk and BoConcept. 

With each client, we’ve developed a personalized marketing solution to improve production performance, regardless of their size or budget, seeking the best to provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective production in often uncertain times.  

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We’ve produced 49,138 assets in graphic design.

Our graphic designers have been busy in 2022.

We’ve produced banners, flyers, brochures, magazine layouts and final artwork at the highest level for our global clients.

As we’ve taken on more work, we’ve welcomed new creatives, who, along with our existing      teams, have helped improve global and local brand consistency for all our clients.

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We’ve produced 148,244 assets in digital imaging.

Like our graphic designers, our digital imaging teams have had their hands full.

We’ve retouched thousands of high-end photos for top nordic magazines, removed backgrounds and shaped over 40,000 images using clipping paths and masking, and offered our 1-hour service to save those clients facing tight deadlines.

Next year, we aim to achieve even greater numbers and continue to exceed our client’s expectations, increasing their marketing productivity.

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We’ve had a productive year at The Color Club.

Right now, we’re helping many clients with their digital marketing production.

Here are some of our highlights from 2022:

We’re helping Ambu deliver products to healthcare professionals and patients worldwide right now in over 25 languages.

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BoConcept is speeding up its time to market with our digital marketing production. So far, we’ve dedicated over 5000 hours and helped create over 17000 digital production items.

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For Davidsen, Denmark’s leading home improvement store, we created a new stylized sub-brand: Udeliv. We developed the logo, a brand guideline, and over 15000 banners to help Davidsen reach more outdoor customers than ever.

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See our other client case studies here.

Our people are what makes The Color Club.

In 2022, we said hello to our culture squad.

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Here, different members of our teams led workshops, from tufting to meditation. We loved discovering our colleagues’ hidden talents and seeing everyone become closer as colleagues and, importantly, as friends.

Also, knowing our surroundings impact how we feel, we gave our office a facelift to create a more vibrant, warm and enjoyable environment.

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Throughout the year, we’ve continued to dedicate time to improving everyone’s skills.

This is one of the most important aspects of The Color Club’s culture. Everyone has a personalized development programme to help them achieve their future career goals: We believe in our people and will do everything we can to support them.

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2023 is on the horizon.

Thank you again for being a part of The Color Club. We’re excited to collaborate more in the new year, bringing marketing insights, digital solutions and our experienced, dedicated and talented teams to further your marketing productions in 2023.

That’s it from us for 2022.