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5-Step Guide: Get Better at Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision-making (also abbreviated as DDDM), is the process of using data to inform...
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5 Best Cloud Storage Services for Personal Use

Which operating systems are supported, security, maximum file size, and accessibility. Here are 5 options that scored best in the different areas...
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Outsource marketing: The industry’s answer for cost-efficiency in the global market

Is there a market-secret to a company doing both without budgets ballooning? It's ...
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Why Is Sustainability Important?

Why is sustainability important? Simply stated,...
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Reach Your Audience the Best Way With Video Marketing - This Is How You Plan Successful Content

Video marketing isn't new. We all know that it has been an increasing phenomenon over the past decade...
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4 Future Marketing Trends - This Is How Others Use Them

Big data refers to data that is so complex and large that it is almost impossible to analyze...
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Newsletter Tendencies and Behavior

Newsletters are one of the best ways to distribute and promote your content or product. Working with email marketing requires thorough attention to a range of conditions
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How You-Can-Easily-Increase-Website-Traffic-With-Metadata

How You Can Easily Increase Website Traffic With Metadata

Metadata is key when it comes to websites, as it is a big part of what drives SEO...
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Correct Colors Improve Sales

Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Explorer, Mozillas Firefox, and Apple´s Safari dominate the browser market on both desktops and mobile devices. However, apparently they can not agree on how to implement image color management with or without the use of ICC of profiles. Officially they all agree on the W3C standards, but in reality they implement it differently.
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